Eduardo Varela

Announcer, ESPN Deportes

Eduardo Varela joined ESPN in 1994 and currently serves as a Spanish-language announcer for ESPN International and ESPN Deportes covering the NFL, college football, and tennis.

The versatile commentator has covered major football events including the Super Bowl and National College Championship games, and he became the first Spanish-speaking announcer to call an NFL game for television in the United States in September 2001.

A native of Mexico City, Varela worked for several cable and broadcasting entities prior to joining ESPN.  He served as a reporter for the radio shows Superdeportivo on Televisa Radio XEX 730 from 1990 to 1991 and Espacio Deportivo on Grupo Acir Sat between 1990 and 1994 covering various sports in Mexico City.

From 1990 to 1992, Varela was also an NFL play-by-play commentator for Televisa Radio XEX 730 and XEQ 940.  In addition, from 1991 to 1994, he worked as a sports announcer and reporter for Televisa Cable Deporte covering NFL and CFL (Canadian Football League) games, college football, tennis including Wimbledon, the French Open, and the Australian Open.  In 1993, as a reporter for the news show Cable Deporte Noticias, he had an exclusive interview with the Brazilian soccer legend, Pelé.  During this time, he also hosted the show Punto Final on Radio Sportiva 690 ESPN recapping the day’s sporting news.

In April of 1994, he started working as host of a radio show called Sopa Deportivo for XEX 730 Televisa Radio.  In June of that year, he moved to the United States to continue working for the station as a New York correspondent covering the NFL, Major League Baseball, and tennis’ US Open.

During his career, Varela has also collaborated with various print media such as the daily newspaper La Afición, the magazines Deporte Internacional and Viva Futbol Americano and the Official Program of the NFL American Bowl in Mexico City.

Varela graduated with a degree in journalism from Escuelia de Periodismo Carlos Septién Garcia, the top University in Mexico for journalism.