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Posted by Jessica Gonzalez on September 25, 2014

Cult of Jeter

Cult of Jeter
Outside the Lines (Sunday, 8 a.m. ET, ESPN2; 9 a.m., ESPNEWS)

Just hours before Jeter concludes his career with a season-ending game at Fenway Park, and hardcore Yankees fans contemplate life without their star shortstop, Bob Ley will host “Cult of Jeter.” Chris Connelly examines how the image Jeter has carved out over a 20 year career is at odds with the era in which he played, a kind of a throwback to a different time. Connelly interviews Jeter biographer Ian O’Connorand Alex Severini, whose Staten Island basement is a virtual Yankees shrine to number #2 as well as fan Christian Lopez, who caught Jeter’s historic 3,000th-hit then gave the ball back to the shortstop.

Credit: ESPN / Producer David Lubbers

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