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Best Championship Performance

2001 – Tiger Woods:  Won U.S. Open by a record 15 strokes

2004 – Phil Mickelson

2005 – Curt Schilling, Boston Red Sox

2006 – Vince Young, U. of Texas

2007 – Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts

2008 – Tiger Woods, 2008 U.S. Open

2009 – Michael Phelps, Olympic swimming


Best International Athlete

2006 – Albert Pujols

2007 – Roger Federer


Best International Female Athlete

2008 – Lorena Ochoa, golf

2009 – Lorena Ochoa, golf


Best International Male Athlete

2008 – Rafael Nadal, Tennis

2009 – Usain Bolt, track and field


Best Upset

2004 – Detroit Pistons

2005 – Bucknell beats Kansas in NCAA tournament

2006 – None given

2007 – Golden State Warriors over Dallas Mavericks in first round of NBA playoffs

2008 – New York Giants over New England Patriots at the Super Bowl

2009 – US soccer over Spain in Confederations Cup semifinal


Best Breakthrough Athlete of the Year

1993- Gary Sheffield, San Diego Padres

1994- Mike Piazza, Los Angeles Dodgers

1995- Jeff Bagwell, Houston Astros

1996- Hideo Nomo, Los Angeles Dodgers

1997- Tiger Woods, Golf

1998- Nomar Garciaparra, Boston Red Sox

1999- Randy Moss, Minnesota Vikings

2000- Kurt Warner, St. Louis Rams

2001-Daunte Culpepper, Minnesota Vikings

2002- Tom Brady, New England Patriots

2003- Alfonso Soriano, New York Yankees

2004- LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

2005- Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

2006- Chris Paul, New Orleans Hornets

2007- Devin Hester, Chicago Bears

2008- Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings

2009-Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons


Coach/Manager of the Year (Best Coach/Manager)

1993- Jimmy Johnson, Dallas Cowboys

1994- Jimmy Johnson, Dallas Cowboys

1995- George Seifert, San Francisco 49ers

1996- Gary Barnett, Northwestern

1997- Joe Torre, New York Yankees

1998- Jim Leyland, Florida Marlins

1999- Joe Torre, New York Yankees

2000- Joe Torre, New York Yankees

2001- Joe Torre, New York Yankees

2002- Phil Jackson, Los Angeles Lakers

2003- Jon Gruden, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2004- Larry Brown, Detroit Pistons

2005- Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

2006- Bill Cowher, Pittsburgh Steelers

2007- Tony Dungy, Indianapolis Colts

2008- Pat Summitt, Tennessee Women’s Basketball

2009-Phil Jackson, Los Angeles Lakers


Comeback Athlete of the Year

1993- Dave Winfield, Toronto Blue Jays

1994- Mario Lemieux, Pittsburgh Penguins

1995- Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins

1996- Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls

1997- Evander Holyfield, boxer

1998- Roger Clemens, Toronto Blue Jays

1999- Eric Davis, Baltimore Orioles

2000- Lance Armstrong, cycling

2001- Andres Galarraga, Atlanta Braves

2002- Jennifer Capriati, tennis

2003- Tommy Maddox, Pittsburgh Steelers

2004- Bethany Hamilton, surfer

2005- Mark Fields, Carolina Panthers

2006- Tedy Bruschi, New England Patriots

2007- None given

2008- Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers

2009-Dara Torres, swimming


Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year (now known as Best Female Athlete)

1993- Monica Seles, tennis

1994- Julie Krone, jockey

1995- Bonnie Blair, speed skater

1996- Rebecca Lobo, women’s hoops

1997- Amy Van Dyken, Olympic swimmer

1998- Mia Hamm, soccer

1999- Chamique Holdsclaw, Tennessee basketball

2000- Mia Hamm, soccer

2001- Marion Jones, track and field

2002- Venus Williams, tennis

2003- Serena Williams, tennis

2004- Diana Taurasi, Connecticut basketball

2005- Annika Sorenstam, golf

2006- Annika Sorenstam, golf

2007- Taryne Mowatt, University of Arizona softball

2008- Candace Parker, Tennessee Basketball/Los Angeles Sparks

2009-Nastia Liukin, gymnastics


Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year (now known as Best Male Athlete)

1993- Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls

1994- Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

1995- Steve Young, San Francisco 49ers

1996- Cal Ripken, Baltimore Orioles

1997- Michael Johnson, Olympic sprinter

1998- Ken Griffey, Jr., Seattle Mariners and Tiger Woods, golf (co-winners)

1999- Mark McGwire, St. Louis Cardinals

2000- Tiger Woods, golf

2001- Tiger Woods, golf

2002- Tiger Woods, golf

2003- Lance Armstrong, cycling

2004- Lance Armstrong, cycling

2005- Lance Armstrong, cycling

2006- Lance Armstrong, cycling

2007- LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers

2008- Tiger Woods, golf

2009-Michael Phelps, swimming


Outstanding Performance Under Pressure

1993- Christian Laettner, Duke

1994- Joe Carter, Toronto Blue Jays

1995- Mark Messier, New York Rangers

1996- Martin Brodeur, New Jersey Devils

1997- Kerri Strug, Olympic gymnast

1998- Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos

1999- Mark O’Meara, golf


Outstanding Team of the Year (now known as Best Team)

1993- Dallas Cowboys

1994- Toronto Blue Jays

1995- New York Rangers

1996- UConn Women’s Hoops

1997- New York Yankees

1998- Denver Broncos

1999- New York Yankees

2000- Women’s World Cup Team

2001- New York Yankees

2002- Los Angeles Lakers

2003- Anaheim Angels

2004- Detroit Pistons

2005- Boston Red Sox

2006- Pittsburgh Steelers

2007- Indianapolis Colts

2008- Boston Celtics

2009-Los Angeles Lakers


Outstanding Baseball Performer of the Year (now known as Best Baseball Player)

1993- Dennis Eckersley, Oakland A’s

1994- Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

1995- Jeff Bagwell, Houston Astros

1996- Greg Maddux, Atlanta Braves

1997- Ken Caminiti, San Diego Padres

1998- Larry Walker, Colorado Rockies

1999- Mark McGwire, St. Louis Cardinals

2000- Pedro Martinez, Boston Red Sox

2001- Pedro Martinez, Boston Red Sox

2002- Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

2003- Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

2004- Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

2005- Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals

2006- Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals

2007- Derek Jeter, New York Yankees

2008- Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

2009-Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals


Outstanding Pro Football Performer of the Year (Best NFL Player)

1993- Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys

1994- Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys

1995- Barry Sanders, Detroit Lions

1996- Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers

1997- Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers

1998- Barry Sanders, Detroit Lions

1999- Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos

2000- Kurt Warner, St. Louis Rams

2001- Marshall Faulk, St. Louis Rams

2002- Marshall Faulk, St. Louis Rams

2003- Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons

2004- Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts

2005- Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts

2006- Shaun Alexander, Seattle Seahawks

2007- LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers

2008- Tom Brady, New England Patriots

2009-Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals


Outstanding Men’s Pro Basketball Performer of the Year (Best NBA Player)

1993- Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls

1994- Charles Barkley, Phoenix Suns

1995- Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston Rockets

1996- Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston Rockets

1997- Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls

1998- Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls

1999- Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls

2000- Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs

2001- Shaquille O’Neal, Los Angeles Lakers

2002- Shaquille O’Neal, Los Angeles Lakers

2003- Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs

2004- Kevin Garnett, Minnesota Timberwolves

2005- Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns

2006- Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

2007- LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

2008- Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

2009-LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers


Oustanding Pro Hockey Performer of the Year (Best NHL Player)

1993- Mario Lemieux, Pittsburgh Penguins

1994- Mario Lemieux, Pittsburgh Penguins

1995- Mark Messier, New York Rangers

1996- Eric Lindros, Philadelphia Flyers

1997- Joe Sakic, Colorado Avalanche

1998- Mario Lemieux, Pittsburgh Penguins

1999- Dominik Hasek, Buffalo Sabres

2000- Dominik Hasek, Buffalo Sabres

2001- Chris Pronger, St. Louis Blues

2002- Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames

2003- Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Anaheim Mighty Ducks

2004- Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames

2005- No season

2006- Jaromir Jagr, New York Rangers

2007- Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins

2008- Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins

2009- Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins


Outstanding College Football Performer of the Year

1993- Garrison Hearst, Georgia

1994- Charlie Ward, Florida State

1995- Rashaan Salaam, Colorado

1996- Eddie George, Ohio State

1997- Danny Wuerffel, Florida

1998- Peyton Manning, Tennessee

1999- Ricky Williams, Texas

2000- Michael Vick, Virginia Tech

2001- Chris Weinke, Florida State


Outstanding College Basketball Performer of the Year

1993- Christian Laettner, Duke

1994- Bobby Hurley, Duke

1995- Grant Hill, Duke

1996- Ed O’Bannon, UCLA

1997- Tim Duncan, Wake Forest

1998- Keith Van Horn, Utah

1999- Antawn Jamison, North Carolina

2000- Elton Brand, Duke

2001- Kenyon Martin, Cincinnati



Outstanding Women’s College Basketball Performer of the Year

1993- Dawn Staley, Virginia

1994- Sheryl Swoopes, Texas Tech

1995- Charlotte Smith, North Carolina

1996- Rebecca Lobo, Connecticut

1997- Saudia Roundtree, Georgia

1998- Chamique Holdsclaw, Tennessee

1999- Chamique Holdsclaw, Tennessee

2000- Chamique Holdsclaw, Tennessee

2001- Tamika Catchings, Tennessee


Outstanding Men’s Tennis Performer of the Year (Best Male Tennis Player)

1993- Jim Courier

1994- Pete Sampras

1995- Pete Sampras

1996- Pete Sampras

1997- Pete Sampras

1998- Pete Sampras

1999- Pete Sampras

2000- Andre Agassi

2001- Pete Sampras

2002- Lleyton Hewitt

2003- Andre Agassi

2004- Andy Roddick

2005- Roger Federer

2006- Roger Federer

2007- Roger Federer

2008- Roger Federer

2009-Roger Federer


Outstanding Women’s Tennis Performer of the Year (Best Female Tennis Player)

1993- Monica Seles

1994- Steffi Graf

1995- Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario

1996- Steffi Graf

1997- Steffi Graf

1998- Martina Hingis

1999- Lindsay Davenport

2000- Lindsay Davenport

2001- Venus Williams

2002- Venus Williams

2003- Serena Williams

2004- Serena Williams

2005- Maria Sharapova

2006- Venus Williams

2007- Maria Sharapova

2008- Maria Sharapova

2009-Serena Williams


Outstanding Men’s Golf Performer of the Year

1993- Fred Couples

1994- Nick Price

1995- Nick Price

1996- Corey Pavin

1997- Tom Lehman

1998- Tiger Woods

1999- Mark O’Meara

2000- Tiger Woods

2001- Tiger Woods

2002- Tiger Woods

2003- Tiger Woods

2004- Phil Mickelson


Best Golfer

2005- Tiger Woods

2006- Tiger Woods

2007- Tiger Woods

2008- Tiger Woods


Best Male Golfer

2009-Tiger Woods


Best Female Golfer

2009-Lorena Ochoa


Outstanding Women’s Golf Performer of the Year

1993- Dottie Mochrie

1994- Betsy King

1995- Laura Davies

1996- Annika Sorenstam

1997- Karrie Webb

1998- Annika Sorenstam

1999- Annika Sorenstam

2000- Juli Inkster

2001- Karrie Webb

2002- Annika Sorenstam

2003- Annika Sorenstam

2004- Annika Sorenstam


Outstanding Jockey of the Year (Best Jockey)

1994- Mike Smith

1995- Chris McCarron

1996- Jerry Bailey

1997- Jerry Bailey

1998- Gary Stevens

1999- Kent Desormeaux

2000- Chris Antley

2001- Kent Desormeaux

2002- Victor Espinoza

2003- Jose Santos

2004- Stewart Elliott

2005- Jeremy Rose

2006- Edgar Prado

2007- Calvin Borel

2008- Kent Desormeaux

2009-Calvin Borel


Outstanding Bowling Performer of the Year (Best Bowler)

1995- Norm Duke

1996- Mike Aulby

1997- Bob Learn, Jr.

1998- Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

1999- Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

2000 – Parker Bohn III

2001- Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

2002- Pete Weber

2003- Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

2004- Pete Weber

2005- Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

2006- Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

2007- Norm Duke

2008- Norm Duke

2009- Norm Duke


Outstanding Auto Racing Performer of the Year (Best Driver)

1993- Nigel Mansell, Formula 1

1994- Nigel Mansell, IndyCar

1995- Al Unser, Jr., IndyCar

1996- Jeff Gordon, NASCAR

1997- Jimmy Vasser, Cart

1998- Jeff Gordon, NASCAR

1999- Jeff Gordon, NASCAR

2000- Dale Jarrett, NASCAR

2001- Bobby Labonte, NASCAR

2002- Michael Schumacher, Formula 1

2003- Tony Stewart, NASCAR

2004- Dale Earnhardt Jr.

2005- Michael Schumacher

2006- Tony Stewart

2007- Jeff Gordon

2008- Jimmie Johnson

2009- Jimmie Johnson


Outstanding Men’s Track Performer of the Year

1993- Kevin Young

1994- Michael Johnson

1995- Dennis Mitchell

1996- Michael Johnson

1997- Michael Johnson

1998- Wilson Kipketer

1999- Maurice Greene

2000- Michael Johnson

2001- Maurice Greene

2002- Maurice Greene

2003- Tim Montgomery

2004- Tom Pappas

2005- None given

2006- Justin Gatlin


Outstanding Women’s Track Performer of the Year

1993- Evelyn Ashford

1994- Gail Devers

1995- Gwen Torrence

1996- Kim Batten

1997- Marie-Jose Perec

1998- Marion Jones

1999- Marion Jones

2000- Marion Jones

2001- Marion Jones

2002- Marion Jones

2003- Gail Devers

2004- Gail Devers

2005- None given

2006- Allyson Felix


Best Track and Field Athlete

2007- Jeremy Wariner

2008- Tyson Gay

2009-None Given


Outstanding Boxing Performer of the Year (Best Boxer)

1993- Riddick Bowe

1994- Evander Hoyfield

1995- George Foreman

1996- Roy Jones, Jr.

1997- Evander Holyfield

1998- Evander Holyfield

1999- Oscar De La Hoya

2000- Roy Jones Jr.

2001- Felix Trinidad

2002- Lennox Lewis

2003- Roy Jones, Jr.

2004- Antonio Tarver

2005- Bernard Hopkins

2006- Oscar De La Hoya

2007- Floyd Mayweather


Best Fighter

2008-Floyd Mayweather, Boxing

2009-Manny Pacquiao, Boxing


Outstanding Soccer Performer of the Year

1999- Zinedine Zidane, France

2000- Mia Hamm, U.S.A.

2001- Mia Hamm, U.S.A.

2005- Mia Hamm, U. S. A.

2006- Ronaldinho, Brazil


Best Male Soccer Player

2002- Landon Donovan

2003- Ronaldo

2004- David Beckham


Best Female Soccer Player

2002- Tiffany Milbrett

2003- Katia

2004- Mia Hamm


Best MLS Player

2006- Landon Donovan, Los Angeles

2007- Landon Donovan, Los Angeles

2008- David Beckham, Los Angeles

2009-Landon Donovan, Los Angeles


Outstanding Women’s Pro Basketball Performer of the Year (Best WNBA Player)

1998- Cynthia Cooper, Houston Comets (WNBA)

1999- Cynthia Cooper, Houston Comets (WNBA)

2000- Cynthia Cooper, Houston Comets (WNBA)

2001- Sheryl Swoopes, Houston Comets (WNBA)

2002- Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA)

2003- Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA)

2004- Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm

2005- Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm

2006- Sheryl Swoopes, Houston Comets

2007- Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks

2008- Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm

2009-Candace Parker, Los Angeles Sparks


Outstanding Action Sports Athlete

2000- Tony Hawk, skateboarding

2001- Shaun Palmer, snowboarding/mountain biking

2002- Kelly Clark, Snowboarding

2003- Shaun White, Snowboarding


Outstanding Female Action Sports Athlete

2004- Dallas Friday

2005- Sofia Mulanovich, surfing

2006- Hannah Teter

2007- Sarah Burke, skiing

2008- Gretchen Bleiler, Snowboarding

2009-Maya Gabeira, surfing


Outstanding Male Action Sports Athlete

2004- Ryan Nyquist

2005- Dave Mirra, bike stunt

2006- Shaun White

2007- Travis Pastrana, motocross

2008- Shaun White, Skateboarding/Snowboarding

2009- Shaun White, Skateboarding/Snowboarding


College Team of the Year

2001- Oklahoma football


Female U.S. Olympic Athlete of the Year

2001- Marion Jones


Best Female Olympic Performance

2005- Team USA softball


Male U.S. Olympic Athlete of the Year

2001- Rulon Gardner


Best Male Olympic Performance

2005- Michael Phelps, swimming


Best U.S. Olympian

2002- Sarah Hughes, Figure Skating

2006- Shaun White


Best U. S. Male Olympian

2009-Michael Phelps, swimming


Best U. S. Female Olympian

2009-Shawn Johnson, gymnastics


Baseball Play of the Year

1993- Francisco Cabrera’s game-winning hit for Atlanta in NL Playoffs vs. Pittsburgh

1994- Greg Maddux eludes a tag at the plate

1995- Kenny Rogers’ perfect game

1996- Braves catcher Javier Lopez in the World Series

1997- San Diego’s Ken Caminiti makes a backhand grab…and throws to first

1998- Jim Edmonds of the Angels on the dead run away from the plate, “The Catch”


NBA Play of the Year

1993- Michael Jordan flip shot vs. Dallas

1994- John Starks lefty dunk vs. Bulls in playoffs

1995- Isaiah Rider’s fling shot falling out of bounds

1996- Back-to-back buzzer beaters by Scottie Pippen and Walter Bond

1997- Michael Finley, Suns, steals and scores in mid-air

1998- Rex Chapman of Phoenix hits a wild three-pointer


NHL Play of the Year

1993- Jaromir Jagr goal around three players

1994- Wayne Gretzky plucks the puck out of the air to score

1995- John Vanbiesbrouck with a glove save (and no stick)

1996- Tomas Sandstrom scores from the seat of his pants.

1997- Steve Yzerman’s OT goal in a scoreless Game 7 vs. St. Louis

1998- Darren McCarty of Detroit scores on a great move to win the Stanley Cup


College Basketball Play of the Year

1993- Christian Laettner buzzer beater against Kentucky

1994- (tie) Bryant Reeves half-court bomb/Jason Kidd behind-the-back pass

1995- Buzzer beater by Charlotte Smith wins the NCAA title for North Carolina

1996- Tyus Edney’s game-winning drive in the NCAA Tournament

1997- Tulane’s Jerald Honeycutt’s falling-out-of-bounds game-winner vs. Florida State

1998- Kwan Johnson of New Orleans with a long-distance three-pointer beating the buzzer


College Football Play of the Year

1993- Western Washington’s Chris Moore catch between the legs

1994- Mike Brechler’s surprise punt return for a TD, Beloit College vs. Lawrence

1995- Kordell Stewart to Michael Westbrook:Colorado’s last second win at Mich.

1996- Nebraska’s Tommie Frazier’s TD scramble in Fiesta Bowl

1997- Memphis’ Kevin Cobb somehow doesn’t fall, scoring on a kickoff vs. Tenn.

1998- Nebraska’s Matt Davison to Scott Frost: the Immaculate Reception II for OT vs. Missouri


NFL Play of the Year

1993- Don Beebe strips the ball from Leon Lett on one-yard line in Super Bowl XXVII

1994- Eric Metcalf’s game-winning punt return, Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh

1995- Robert Bailey’s “surprise” punt return

1996- Kordell Stewart scrambling TD pass

1997- Desmond Howard scores a kick-off return TD in the Super Bowl

1998- Brad Johnson of Minnesota completes a pass to himself and scores


Outrageous Play of the Year

1993- The Rabbit scores a TD in Michigan-Purdue game

1994- Leon Lett attempts to recover a blocked field goal

1995- Half court shot by Cincinnati student Corie Clouse at Midnight Madness for one year scholarship

1996- Fan Mike Pantazis’ jump from stands on Monday Night Football

1997- Michigan’s Mike Legg scores an amazing goal with stick control

1998- Lansdale (Pa.) Catholic with a “Cal-Stanford” play vs. Upper Perkiomen Highschool


 Outstanding Performance by an Athlete in Entertainment

1994- Charles Barkley vs. Barney on Saturday Night Live

1995- John Kruk on Late Night With David Letterman

1996- George Seifert does the Bossa Nova


Humanitarian Award

1999- Sammy Sosa, Chicago Cubs


Showstopper of the Year

1993- Injured Derek Redmond finishes in Olympics

1994- Jim Abbott’s no-hitter, Yanks vs. Cleveland

1995- High School football: incredible comeback/letdown Plano East vs. Tyler John Tyler

1996- Cal Ripken Jr.’s record-breaking 2,131st game

1997- Warren Morris wins the College World Series for LSU with 9th-inning HR

1998- Tiger Woods wins the Masters

1999- Mark McGwire (St. Louis Cardinals): #62


Memorable Performance (Best Moment)

2000- Justin Leonard’s long distance putt wins Ryder Cup

2001- Cathy Freeman lighting torch in Sydney

2002- Barry Bonds breaking McGwire’s HR record

2003- Pete Sampras wins US Open to end Grand Slam drought

2004- Brett Favre on Monday Night Football the day after his father died

2005- Reggie Miller’s final game

2006- Justin McElwain’s 20 points in his lone high school game

2007- New Orleans Saints return home, beat Falcons on Monday Night Football

2008- “Great Sportsmanship” (Central Washington University’s Mallory Holtman and Liz Wallace, Western Oregon University’s Sara Tucholsky)

2009- U.S. swim team wins thrilling finish in Olympic relay


Outstanding Performance by a Sports Personality in a Commercial

1993- Larry Johnson as Grandmama for Converse


Outstanding Performance by a Sports Personality in an Attempt to Break into Show Business

1993- Shaquille O’Neal raps with Fu Schnickens on the Arsenio Hall Show


Dramatic Individual Performance of the Year

1997- Evander Holyfield takes the heavyweight championship from Mike Tyson

1998- Michael Jordan fights off the flu in Game Five of the NBA Finals vs. Seattle

1999- David Wells’ (New York Yankees) perfect game


Game of the Year (Best Game)

1996- AFC Championship between Indianapolis and Pittsburgh

1997- Ohio State edges Arizona State in the Rose Bowl

1998- Denver Broncos win a thrilling Super Bowl XXXII

2002- Yankees-Diamondbacks World Series Game 7

2003- Ohio State-Miami Fiesta Bowl

2004- Super Bowl-Patriots vs. Panthers

2005- ALCS Game 5, Yankees-Red Sox

2006- Rose Bowl, USC-Texas

2007- Fiesta Bowl, Boise State over Oklahoma

2008- New York Giants over New England Patriots in the Super Bowl

2009-Pittsburgh Steelers over Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl


Best Finish

2007- Dodgers vs. Padres, 9-18-06 as Dodgers hit four home runs to tie game and win in 10th on Nomar Garciaparra home run

2008- Western Kentucky over Drake in the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, winning on a buzzer beater by Ty Rogers


Lifetime Achievement Award

2001- Jack Nicklaus, golf


Come From Behind Performance of the Year

2001 – Tiger Woods:  Winning at Pebble Beach, after being seven down with seven holes to go


Most Spectacular Play of the Year (Best Play)

2001- Antonio Freeman: Catch vs. Vikings on Nov. 6

2002- Derek Jeter shovel throw on errant relay in Game 3 of 2001 AL Divisional Series?

2003- LSU’s Hail Mary touchdown pass

2004-New Orleans Saints’ lateral

2005- Blake Hoffarber’s last-second three-pointer from his back

2006- Alabama’s Tyrone Prothro’s catch vs. Southern Mississippi

2007- Boise State beats Oklahoma with a two-point conversion on the Statue of Liberty play

2008- New York Giants Eli Manning’s pass to David Tyree at the Super Bowl

2009-Ben Roethlisberger to Santonio Holmes at the Super Bowl


Record Breaking Performance of the Year

2001- Pete Sampras:  Breaks Roy Emerson’s Grand Slam Singles championship record

2002- Barry Bonds breaking Mark McGwire’s HR Record

2003- Emmitt Smith breaks Walter Payton’s career rushing record

2004- Eric Gagne for consecutive saves in one season

2005- Peyton Manning most touchdown passes in one season

2006- Shaun Alexander’s NFL-record 28 touchdowns in one season

2007- LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers

2008- Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers

2009-Michael Phelps, Olympic swimming


Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award

1993- Jim Valvano, former NC State hoops coach

1994- Steve Palermo, American League umpire

1995- Howard Cosell, sports announcer

1996- Loretta Claiborne, Special Olympics athlete

1997- Muhammad Ali, boxer

1998- Dean Smith, former UNC hoops coach

1999- Billie Jean King, tennis player

2000- Dave Sanders, Columbine HS coach & teacher

2001- Cathy Freeman, Olympic athlete

2002- Passengers on United Flight 93 – Todd Beamer, Mark Bingham, Tom Burnett and Jeremy Glick

2003- Pat & Kevin Tillman, NFL player and MLB prospect

2004- George Weah, Liberian soccer player

2005- Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah and Jim MacClaren

2006- Afghan female soccer players

2007- Trevor Ringland and Dave Cullen, Peace Players

2008- John Carlos and Tommie Smith, 1968 Olympics

2009-Nelson Mandela


Jimmy V Award for Perseverance

2007- Kay Yow, NC State women’s basketball coach

2008- Kevin Everett, former Buffalo Bills TE

2009-Don Meyer, Northern State basketball coach


Best Sports Movie

2002- The Rookie

2003- Bend it like Beckham

2004- Miracle

2005- Friday Night Lights

2006- Glory Road

2007- Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

2008- Semi-Pro

2009-The Express: The Ernie Davis Story


Best Male College Athlete

2002- Cael Sanderson, Iowa State Wrestling

2003- Carmelo Anthony, Syracuse Basketball

2004- Emeka Okafor, Connecticut Basketball

2005- Matt Leinart, USC football

2006- Reggie Bush, USC football

2007- Kevin Durant, Texas basketball

2008- Tim Tebow, Florida Football

2009- Tim Tebow, Florida Football


Best Female College Athlete

2002- Sue Bird, Connecticut Women’s Basketball

2003- Diana Taurasi, Connecticut Women’s Basketball

2004- Diana Taurasi, Connecticut Women’s Basketball

2005- Cat Osterman, Texas softball

2006- Cat Osterman, Texas softball

2007- Taryne Mowatt, Arizona softball

2008- Candace Parker, Tennessee Basketball

2009-Maya Moore, Connecticut Basketball


Best Disabled Athlete

2002- Erik Weihenmayer

2003- Marlon Shirley

2004- Kyle Maynard


Best Female with a Disability

2005- Erin Popovich

2006- Sarah Reinertsen

2007- Jessica Long, Paralympic swimming

2008- Shay Oberg, Softball (Montana State-Billings)

2009- Erin Popovich, swimming


Best Male with a Disability

2005- Marlon Shirley

2006- Bobby Martin

2007- Casey Tibbs, track and field

2008- Ryan Kocer, Wrestling (Wagner, SD)

2009- Jason Lester, Ironman


Best Outdoors Sports Athlete

2002- Kevin VanDam

2003- Jay Yelas

2004- Tina Bosworth

2005- J. R. Salzman

2006- Not given

2007- Dean Karnazes, marathon

2008- Captain Scott Smiley, Mountain Climber

2009- Not given


Best Angler

2006- Tammy Richardson


Under Armour Undeniable Performance Award

2004- Brett Favre

2005- Misty May and Kerri Walsh

2006- Kobe Bryant

2007- University of Tennessee basketball

2008- Warner Robins, Georgia beats Tokyo to win the Little League World Series Championship Game with a Dalton Carriker walk-off home run in the bottom of the 8th inning (extra innings)


Under Armour All-America Moment Award

2009- Andre Debose and Russell Shepard, football


GMAC Professional Grade Award

2004- Steve McNair

2005- Lance Armstrong

2006- Doug Flutie


Hummer Like Nothing Else Award

2007- LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers

2008- George Martin walks across America



Auto Racing- Dale Earnhardt

Baseball- Mark McGwire

Pro Basketball- Michael Jordan

Boxing- Evander Holyfield

Pro Football- Jerry Rice

Golf- Tiger Woods

Hockey- Mario Lemieux

U.S. Male Olympian- Michael Johnson

U.S. Female Olympian-Bonnie Blair

Tennis- Pete Sampras

Coach/Manager- Phil Jackson

College Team- (tie) Florida State Football/Tennessee Women’s Basketball

Pro Team- Chicago Bulls

Female Athlete- Steffi Graf

Male Athlete- Michael Jordan

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