Bill Barnwell

Staff Writer,

Bill Barnwell is a staff writer at, primarily focusing on coverage of the NFL. His columns combine quantitative and qualitative analysis to dig deeper into how teams win games and how players impact them. He also contributes similar analyses for a variety of other sports.

In addition to his work for ESPN Digital and Print, Barnwell launched a new flagship ESPN Audio podcast, The Bill Barnwell Show, in April 2016.

Previously, Barnwell was one of the lead writers for Grantland, the ESPN imprint covering sports and pop culture. He was on staff during the site’s entire four-plus year run, moving to Las Vegas to cover gambling and culture while serving as its primary football writer.

Prior to Grantland, Barnwell worked as the Managing Editor for Football Outsiders, a quantitative thinktank, while contributing articles to ESPN Insider. He’s also served as a statistical consultant to teams in the NFL and Major League Baseball.

A 2006 graduate of Northeastern University, Barnwell currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.