Kate Jackson

Coordinating Producer

Kate Jackson, who has worked in a variety of production positions since joining ESPN in 1999, was named coordinating producer in July, 2011. Her primary responsibilities include The Heisman Trophy Presentation, college basketball, Special Olympics and Formula 1 Racing.

Jackson’s involvement with ESPN’s coverage of college basketball includes oversight of regular season coverage as well as the NCAA Women’s Tournament. Also in college sports, she oversees ESPN’s telecast of the Heisman Trophy presentation.

For the Special Olympics, she oversees all planning and content for coverage that airs on ESPN and ABC, working closely with many areas of ESPN as well as the event organizers.

In motorsports, Jackson is responsible for oversight of ESPN’s production of telecasts of Formula 1 races in partnership with SKY Media.  From 2007-2014, Jackson was a key figure in the production of ESPN’s live telecasts of NASCAR racing, first as a feature producer responsible for the oversight of all creative content including teases, features and production elements. After being named coordinating producer in 2011, her role expanded to include oversight of the entire production as well as producing telecasts of the pre-race program for many events.

Jackson also served the same roles in ESPN’s IndyCar Series coverage through the 2018 season, expanding on her 2006 role of associate producer that included producing Indianapolis 500 features and tape producing during live race telecasts and became the first female producer for the Indy 500 pre-race show. She also previously oversaw the production of ESPN’s coverage of NHRA drag racing through the 2015 season.

Her previous experience with ESPN includes working with the College Football Playoff in 2014 and 2015 and traveling around the world as a figure skating associate producer in 2004-2005. She also worked as an account executive in ESPN’s affiliate sales department.

She started her ESPN career as a production assistant on outdoor programming, later working on college football, NASCAR, Major League Baseball, the College World Series and ESPN’s Summer and Winter X Games. Before joining ESPN on a fulltime basis, she worked as a runner for four years for ESPN and ABC on remote productions including baseball, golf, college football and basketball and the X Games.

Jackson is a graduate of the University of Iowa.