ESPN’s Female Journalists on the NFL and Domestic Abuse

ESPN has provided thought-provoking content by female journalists on the NFL and surrounding domestic abuse allegations.



Hannah Storm’s “What Does the NFL Stand For?” Essay (09/14/14)

  espnW Presents: The State of the NFL on ESPN Radio: On Tuesday, Sept. 16, espnW and ESPN Radio collaborated on a two-hour roundtable discussion, The State of the NFL, hosted by Jemele Hill, co-hosted by Cari Champion and featuring espnW voices Jane McManus, Kate Fagan and Sarah Spain. espnWonESPNRadio   Roundtable: Kate Fagan, Melissa Isaacson and Sarah Spain discuss the current state of the NFL and changes that the league has been making in light of dealing with multiple domestic violence cases.
ESPN’s coverage by its female journalists has garnered attention and plaudits from other news outlets and journalists:


Highlights from Kate Fagan, Suzy Kolber and Jane McManus on ESPN:


ESPN’s female journalists are the leading experts on the topic, offering their perspectives to other news organizations:


ESPN’s Jane McManus, a current NFL reporter and espnW columnist shared her background on reporting on domestic abuse issues with ESPN Front Row.