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Elite 11 Selection Show Highlights from Trent Dilfer


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On ESPNU’s Elite 11 Selection Show on Thursday, June 21, 12 high school quarterbacks expected to learn if they would be one of 24 competing for participation in the Elite 11. However, in an unexpected on-air moment, ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer noted the class of 2013 was too deep to cap at 24 this year:

“This was a very, very talented class in itself. Very deep. I watched over 250 guys on tape. Evaluated in person over 1,000. I have the best staff of high school quarterbacks in the country.

“I’m making an executive decision right here and the production team and the staff are going to flip out when I say this, but this class was so good, I couldn’t leave one guy out and that’s Shane Cockerille from Gilman High in Baltimore.  I’m adding him as the 25th because he optimizes everything we are looking for in this process. Passionate kids, fierce competitors. Guys that can play the position and guys that will survive. Guys that will go to their school and their school will be immediately better because they are on campus.”

The 25 quarterbacks selected for the 2013 class will attend the premiere Elite 11 camp in Southern California. They will be coached by Super Bowl winning-quarterback Dilfer and a camp staff of the country’s leading examples in college and high school athletics. Coverage of the event will air in two parts over consecutive Tuesdays on ESPN with the Elite 11 QB Camp: The Finals on August 7 and 14.

Highlights and quotes on the final 13 players revealed during from last night’s show:

Trent Dilfer on the final Elite 11 group:

“You have to understand our mission statement. When I took this over last year I wanted to make sure we were finding guys that didn’t necessarily have the most stars or the most offers or look at where they were committing to or who had the most hype. We wanted to find the 24 best competitors, the guys with that fierce competitor spirit that also had the physical and mental makeup to be successful.”

Trent Dilfer on Christian Hackenberg:

“Christian is a kid you build your program around. You’re better the moment he steps on campus.”

Trent Dilfer on Joshua Dobbs:

“You look at his tape, he makes difficult things look easy. He shows tremendous poise and then you put him in a competitive environment and you see him embrace the bigness of the moment. “

Trent Dilfer on Jared Goff:

“Incredibly productive player on tape. Intuitive player on tape. (On the second day of the Oakland regional) no ball he threw hit the ground. The ball never touched the ground.”

Trent Dilfer on Johnny Stanton:

“There is a reason they call him ‘Johnny Tebow’.”

Trent Dilfer on Austin Allen:

“If there is a Drew Brees guy in this group, Austin would be that guy.”

Trent Dilfer on Zach Allen:

“This was Tony Romo’s favorite player at the (Dallas) regional, and I agree. Zach Allen, to me, is a young Colt McCoy with an even better arm. He plays the position the way I’m looking for it to be played – sudden. Quick and fast of mind, body and arm. Everything he does has urgency. He’s a playmaker and he can beat you with his legs. Syracuse is very lucky to have Zach Allen come to their school.”

Trent Dilfer on Riley Ferguson:

“In my opinon (he is) the most intuitive player in the class of 2013. A guy that makes all kinds of plays on-rhythm and off-rhythm. I was impressed when I saw him with his accuracy regardless of his foot-platform. A lot of guys can only be accurate in the first reaction game when their feet are right. Highly, highly productive. You see a guy who intuitively makes great decisions, knows when to extend the play and a guy who is going to light up the SEC at Tennessee.”

Trent Dilfer on Asiantii Woulard:

“I call him my high ceiling guy of the group. Asiantii’s only been playing quarterback for one year. His ceiling is so high because he’s a fluid athlete and has a beautiful stroke. Most importantly to me, he’s a fierce competitor that has a thirst to learn. This guy has only been playing quarterback for one year and has made these kinds of strides, imagine how good he will be when he is coached at South Florida by coach Holtz and his staff. We think Asiantii Woulard is going to be a tremendous success in college and maybe even the NFL”

Additional players revealed on the show Troy Williams, Cody Thomas, Danny Etling and Davis Webb. Complete list of 25 here.

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