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ESPN Deportes Debuts TV Simulcast of ESPN Deportes Radio Raza Deportiva


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The TV network’s first live morning show launches November 19

Raza Deportiva, ESPN Deportes Radio’s lively debate and analysis global soccer program, debuts on ESPN Deportes Television November 19, 2012. Raza Deportiva will become the network’s first LIVE morning show airing Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET. Raza Deportiva joins hosts from three cities: legendary sportscaster David Faitelson and soccer expert Rafa Ramos in Los Angeles; Omar Orlando Salazar in Miami; and Oscar Restrepo all the way from Bogota, Colombia.

Faitelson, Restrepo, Ramos and Salazar bring listeners the most updated information regarding Mexican soccer, including exclusive interviews with some of soccer’s most relevant personalities. The program also analyzes the biggest stories from on and off the field across the globe.

With seven years airing on ESPN Deportes Radio, Raza Deportiva is the second show to be simulcast on the network; Jorge Ramos y su Bandastarted its TV simulcast in 2009. Viewers can expect relevant and original content including:

  • Complete Mexican Soccer Coverage: exclusive interviews and controversial debates
  • American Sports Highlights
  • Side Notes on International Soccer
  • Monday’s “Lite” All-Sports Discussion
  • European Soccer Updates
  • SportsCenter Updates from Bristol and Mexico

About the commentators:
David Faitelson – Known for his hard-hitting reporting style, Faitelson draws his expertise from more than two decades of sports journalism. In addition to Raza Deportiva, David contributes across all platforms and hosts Nacion ESPN, A Los Golpes, and Cronómetro.

Rafa Ramos – With more than 25 years of experience, Ramos brings the latest in the world of sports with strong opinion and unique style. Based in Los Angeles, Rafa also serves as a columnist for and regularly appears as co-host of Nacion ESPN.

Oscar Restrepo – The well-known soccer expert brings valuable experience and prestige to the table with more than 30 years working in sports broadcasting. Restrepo has participated in seven FIFA World Cups and covered 12 Copa America tournaments.

Omar Orlando Salazar – Known for his  unparalleled play-by-play commentary and unique GOL chant, Salazar’s versatility, capacity and aptitude add a lively and cheerful component to sports reporting.

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