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ESPN Deportes+ to broadcast Pac-12 Basketball Season


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January 3, 2013

Pac-12 Conference Championship Game televised in Spanish Language on ESPN Deportes

ESPN Deportes+, the new digital extension of ESPN Deportes and ESPN3, will provide exclusive Spanish language coverage of the Pac-12 basketball season for the first time, beginning today, January 3 with Colorado vs. Arizona. Additionally, ESPN Deportes will televise the Pac-12 Championship Game March 16.

Pac-12 is the conference to watch this season.  The division is heating up with some big wins over top 20 teams, including Colorado’s victory over No. 16 Baylor, Arizona’s wins over No. 5 Florida and No. 17 San Diego State, and UCLA’s latest triumph of No. 7 Missouri.

Pac-12 schedule on ESPN Deportes:




Jan 3

Colorado vs. Arizona

ESPN Deportes+

Jan 10

Arizona vs. Oregon

ESPN Deportes+


Arizona vs. Oregon State

ESPN Deportes+

Jan 17

Oregon State vs. UCLA

ESPN Deportes+

Jan 19

Utah vs. Washington

ESPN Deportes+

Jan 26

USC vs. Arizona

ESPN Deportes+

Jan 31

Arizona vs. Washington

ESPN Deportes+

Feb 6

Stanford vs. Arizona

ESPN Deportes+

Feb 7

Washington vs. UCLA

ESPN Deportes+

Feb 14

UCLA vs. Cal

ESPN Deportes+

Feb 16

UCLA vs. Stanford

ESPN Deportes+

Feb 21

Cal vs. Oregon

ESPN Deportes+

Feb 23

Washington vs. Arizona State

ESPN Deportes+

Feb 28

Utah vs. California

ESPN Deportes+

Mar 7

Oregon vs. Colorado

ESPN Deportes+

Mar 16

Pac-12 Championship

ESPN Deportes