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“The Collectors” Short Film Series Continues with “Political Action”


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FiveThirtyEight and ESPN Film’s digital shorts series The Collectors resumes with the debut of “Political Action,” directed by Jamie Schutz.  The film, available exclusively on FiveThirtyEight, WatchESPN and ABC News, follows sociologist Dana R. Fisher around the New York City People’s Climate March, as she analyzes the way individual citizens engage with the democratic process.

Fisher describes how she and her team hope to uncover the state and evolution of the general political dissent and satisfaction outside of the bipartisan system. By studying and collecting data from crowds of protesters throughout the United States and the world – as demonstrated during the Climate March – Fisher explores whether it is possible to catalyze policy change by informing politicians.

The Collectors is a ten-film series that tells the stories of an eclectic group of characters collecting data, ranging from the official scorer at a baseball game, to a meteorologist tracking hurricanes. Each of the shorts depicts how these individuals gather information, and how their judgment in translating ambiguity into hard numbers can shape how the world is viewed and interpreted. The series, which is a project out of ESPN content unit Exit 31, debuted on Dec. 10, 2014 with “Food Cartographers.”