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Aaron Boone’s Former ESPN Colleagues React to New York Yankees Manager Role


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Today, the New York Yankees announced Aaron Boone as their new manager. Boone had previously served as an ESPN MLB commentator since joining the company in 2010. Most recently, Boone had served as an analyst on Sunday Night Baseball – the exclusive, national MLB game of the week. Many of Boone’s former ESPN colleagues offered their reaction to the news:

Tim Kurkjian (ESPN MLB commentator): Managing in the big leagues today is mostly about communication, people skills and having an open mind. Aaron Boone qualifies for all of those. And, having spent a lifetime in the game, and at the ballpark, he will do equally well with the strategy of the game.

Jessica Mendoza (ESPN MLB commentator): Aaron Boone is relatable to players because of his personality and humility. Sitting next to him for the last two years, there is no one I have learned more about the game from than him.  I am so pumped for this next adventure for Aaron and his family and have no doubt he will bring even more success to the Yankee organization.

Phil Orlins (ESPN MLB senior coordinating producer): Aaron was a versatile and talented analyst during his time at ESPN, but we will remember him most for his common touch with people.  Aaron was the perfect teammate who always put his co-workers first and cared most that everyone else succeeded.

Karl Ravech (ESPN MLB commentator): Boonie is more comfortable in his own skin than a dermatologist. That will serve him well as he puts on the pressure cooker of the Yankee pinstripes. He has plenty of experiences that prepare him for this, he has spent the better part of his entire life listening to decision makers, understanding their decisions and questioning others. Brian Cashman has seen Aaron at his best, walk off home run and worst, Yankee ending knee injury on a basketball court. Cashman’s endorsement is all the evidence I need, who else has more skin in the game than him? And don’t let that baby face smile fool you, he will run hot, very hot. If a double bogey gets his juices boiling, imagine what a 6 game losing skid will do?

Dan Shulman (ESPN play-by-play commentator): I couldn’t be happier for Aaron. Baseball is in his DNA as much as anyone I know.  His love and understanding of the game and his ability to connect with people will make him a terrific manager. I think we all felt he was destined to get back into the game at some point, and I know how excited he is to have this kind of an opportunity. I am really looking forward to watching him on this journey.  

 Adnan Virk (ESPN commentator): We all know about Boonie’s solid playing career but I never stopped marveling at his insights and knowledge of all aspects of the game. He truly loves baseball and will let you know about it (Hum Baby!). His skills as a communicator to people at all levels on our Baseball Tonight team demonstrate why he’ll be such a success as the Yankees manager – he can relate to all and all appreciate him.


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