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Instant Reaction Quotes: College Football Playoff Selection Show


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ESPN exclusively revealed the College Football Playoff today. The following are instant reaction quotes after it was revealed Alabama was ranked No. 4 and ahead of Ohio State, which was ranked No. 5:

  • Kirk Herbstreit: “The committee just made a statement. They are not into appeasing people’s agendas. They are going to do what they think is right regardless if you agree or disagree.”
  • Kirk Herbstreit: “The losses matter. To lose the way [Ohio State] lost [to Iowa], it sent a message that the committee couldn’t forget.”
  • Booger McFarland: “I am happy today, because the 13 people in the room made a statement. The coaches in the room made a statement. Watching the film, the four best teams got in.”
  • Booger McFarland: “It doesn’t sound like it mattered what Ohio State did yesterday at all.”
  • Jesse Palmer: “Wins and losses matter more than resume. Alabama’s resume is not even close [to Ohio State]. They are punishing Ohio State for losing by 31 points to Iowa.”
  • Jesse Palmer: “The committee really is in love with Alabama…. I am not convinced Alabama is one of the top 4 teams in the country… I am not convinced Alabama would have beaten Wisconsin this past weekend.”
  • Jesse Palmer: “Ohio State is the fourth best team in the country. I believe Ohio State is better than Alabama.”
  • Joey Galloway: “Maybe the committee [thinks] Alabama is going to get healthier at linebacker…. because that is the only reason I can see them saying that Alabama is number four. They didn’t look good in their last two games, physically.”
  • Joey Galloway: “If the same team we saw play against Mississippi State, and the same team we saw play against Auburn – especially from the defensive side – if that is the team that comes to the table, I don’t see a chance for them to beat Clemson. Now, if they get healthier, that is a different conversation.”


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