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ESPN to Innovate with Full Court Press Second Spectrum Presentation of Los Angeles Lakers vs. Milwaukee Bucks Game on ESPN3 March 1


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ESPN today announced it will carry an innovative, Full Court Press Second Spectrum presentation of the Milwaukee Bucks at Los Angeles Lakers game on ESPN3, Friday, March 1, at 10:30 p.m. ET. It will also stream via the ESPN App. Full Court Press on ESPN3 is in addition to ESPN’s telecast of the Bucks at Lakers game, featuring NBA All-Stars LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Second Spectrum is powered by NBA Advanced Stats.

The Full Court Press Second Spectrum presentation will feature three different viewing modes:

  • Coach mode: a heavy X’s and O’s analytical presentation of the game, featuring on-court diagrams of the live action;
  • Player mode: featuring above-the-rim cameras and graphics displaying the scoring probability of all five offensive players on the court throughout each possession, changing in real time;
  • Mascot mode: a fun, entertaining presentation featuring special graphic treatments, including a fire graphic on the basket when a team goes on a scoring run, a 3D on-screen brick if a player misses badly, and more.

Stephanie Druley, ESPN executive vice president, event and studio production:

“We’re excited to present a completely distinct and innovative way to watch a highly-anticipated NBA game to fans. There are several ways to tell the story of a basketball game, and through this collaboration with Second Spectrum, and the great work of our production team, we can offer new ways to reach all NBA fans.”

Full Court Press will include analysis from several ESPN NBA commentators, such as senior writer Zach Lowe and analysts Kirk Goldsberry and Adam Amin.

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