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How ESPN+ Achieved 568K New Signups in Two Days


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UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ Launch Demonstrates the Marriage of Strategy and Scale

Pivotal Moment in the March to Two Million Subscribers

Editor’s NoteThe below is a preview of the full story which has been posted to with a timeline displaying how the UFC Fight Night launch worked to drive ESPN+ subscriptions


The march to the two million subscribers milestone for ESPN+, announced yesterday by Bob Iger on Disney’s earnings call, was spurred in part by the launch of UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ on Jan. 19.  ESPN+ added 568,000 new fans with the launch on that weekend. It was the result of months of planning focused on answering the question: “How can we utilize all the unparalleled assets of ESPN, DTCI (Disney’s Direct-To-Consumer & International) and DSS (Disney Streaming Services) to maximize this ‘You only have one shot at a launch’ opportunity’?